Human Capital Management


In our globally competitive economy organisations have become dependent on information technology to understand and transact with their customers, suppliers and staff. IT and Communication has become instrumental to collaboration and knowledge sharing, to the design and operation of business processes, and to decision making based on real time business intelligence. In addition we have seen a mass adoption of IT and communication technology by consumers – with mobile computing devices and software applications being more accessible to an ever growing world population.


This rapid advancement in technology and data density has rendered governments, businesses, and society at large very dependent on a progressively scarce IT skill set. It is predicted that IT departments will need to manage 50 times more information by the year 2020 – with only 1.5 times the number of IT employees!


With increased global competition and employment options making the war for talent a reality, organizations are therefore constantly challenged to attract, retain and utilise scarce IT employees effectively.


At Gijima Human Capital Management we make our clients more competitive by redesigning and supporting these key human capital management processes. We concern ourselves with the effective acquisition, development, optimisation, retention and measurement of IT and technical staff as a strategic business asset. We also assist organisations in the adoption of new technologies and processes through organizational change and skill development programmes.


Our service offering is comprehensive, and as part of the Gijima Group clients receive the benefit of dealing with a JSE listed and black empowered IT company with a national foot print. Our offering includes:


•    Services to enable the IT organisation

•    Services to facilitate technology adoption in organizations

•    Business Process Outsource Services

•    HCM services for the mining, industrial and construction industries