Services for the mining, industrial and construction industries


Engineering and corporate staff placement services


We have in excess of 8000 qualified and interviewed engineering candidates within the manufacturing, heavy engineering, construction and project engineering industries. Trained Recruitment Specialists offer candidates the benefits of career counseling and offer clients the competence of search based recruitment for scarce skills in a candidate short market.


Engineering Skills Development and Training


Through years of serving the sector, Gijima has developed an exceptional understanding of the Metals, Engineering and Mining industries. Gijima delivers technical skill development services through leading training centres in Benoni, Middelburg and Lephalale, as well as with a number of programmes available at client sites. Training takes place in our well-equipped workshops or on client sites, facilitated by training consultants and assessors with high level of industry and training experience.

Offerings include apprenticeships, learnerships, assessments, skills programmes and specialist courses in a wide range of disciplines. This includes mechanical, electrical, welding, and hydraulics, as well as control and instrumentation. We are accredited trade test centre operators and also provide comprehensive trade test preparation to ensure success rates. We also assess and provide competence profiles for existing artisans.

Our services and training facilities are accredited with the MERSETA, ESETA, CHIETA as well as the MQA.


Operator and SHE Training


Training is provided on a range of codes of lifting machines which includes forklift trucks, overhead gantry cranes, stacking machines as well as non-accredited machines like tractors and front-end loaders. Training is presented on the client’s site for novices as well as operators with previous experience. A Range of Safety, Health and Environmental short courses are presented at our training centres or at client sites. Our courses are unit standard based and accredited with the TETA and DoL.


Occupational Hygiene and Environmental services


By recognising, identifying, evaluating and controlling health risks in the working environment, organisations can reduce or even prevent work-induced stress, disease, inefficiency and accidents. We are an Approved Inspection Authority with the Department of Labour and our OH Services team consists of highly qualified and experienced Occupational Hygiene professionals, all certified by the Southern African Institute of Occupational Hygiene (SAIOH) as Occupational Hygienists, Technologists and Technical Assistants), totaling more than 30 professional staff members.


Risk assessments and monitoring services


The Occupational Health and Safety Act (1993 as amended) and the Hazardous Chemical Substances Regulations (1995), as well as the Mine Health and Safety Act (1996 as amended) require a complete qualitative OH Risk Assessment of the working environment in order to develop a plan of action to reduce Occupational Health risks.

Gijima Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Services can develop, implement and maintain such an Occupational Health programme. A detailed Occupational Health Risk Assessment includes for identifying health hazards in the workplace to which workers are exposed to as a result of the work processes and activities. It also assigns a risk rating to these hazards, evaluates the effectiveness of existing control methods and recommends specific control measures and engineering methods to eliminate,mitigate or control identified health hazards. From this assessment a suitable monitoring programme of the identified stressors (physical and chemical) can be proposed.

OH&ES services also include comprehensive monitoring of all Chemical (Dust, fumes, vapours, e.g. Crystalline Silica, Asbestos, Welding emissions, Gases, PAHs, CTPVs, In- door Air quality), Physical Stressors (Noise, Heat, Cold, Illumination, Vibration, Ventilation, etc.), and Hazardous Biological Agents. We also provide Ergonomic services and Occupational Hygiene and Risk Training.


Environmental services


By focusing on those environmental aspects that we believe affect us all the most, namely the air we breathe and the water that we drink, industry can reduce their carbon footprint. In monitoring emissions and projecting pollutant fall-out that will adversely affect air and water quality, organisations can manage their Environmental Impacts to comply with the requirements and intentions of the NEMA Act 107 of 1998.

Gijima OH&ES Services are tailored to assist clients in meeting the latest stringent, demanding and challenging statutory compliance and data reporting requirements. We deal with Air, Water and Soil Pollution by means of developing suitable and effective monitoring programmes, including air pollutant dispersion modelling, stack emission sampling, dust fall-out and PM10 monitoring, as well as environmental noise assessments, water quality and soil pollution monitoring.