Business Process Outsource Services


Response handling and outsourced recruitment


As part of our HR outsourcing business, we are the sole recruitment, selection and trainee management service provider to various companies. Our selected client base is assured of our personalised, quality services. Our offerings are flexible and the scope of service is designed with the client’s business drivers and strategies in mind. This service scope typically includes, but is not excluded to, a complete Recruitment and Assessment business process outsource, project based recruitment for single or mass requirements, executive and staff search and standard response handling services.


Administration and payroll services


Gijima provides distributed HR and payroll services to corporate clients through leading ERP and web enabled self service technology. This service includes a one-stop payroll and administration outsource service with multiple delivery channels, including on-site service, call centres and web-based services. This service has been running since September 2000, when the first clients were successfully implemented. The offerings are modular and are customisable according to client requirements.


Gijima selected the SAP R3 payroll solution as backbone for its outsourced HR information system and payroll services, based on its superior controls, stability, ability to handle large volume clients and suitability for the South African labour and tax legislation and practices. In addition we provide service to mid market clients on Softline’s VIP solution.