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Great Commendation from a placed candidate


Good day Anna and Laressa,

I trust you are both well.

This e-mail is long overdue, please forgive me as I have been busy since I have started work :).

A huge thank you from my side for finding me employment so soon, within the Sector and Position that I was looking for as well as the frequent calls to check in on me. That is really appreciated and something I have personally not experienced from other recruiters.

I really appreciate your assistance and the service that you both have provided.

Have a great day further! :)

Represented by Gijima


Good Morning Tina

I hope this email finds you well. Firstly I would like to thank the opportunity given to me to discuss possibilities at your busy schedule.

To me; the meeting was not only for the position at hand but was to create a professional relationship with your organization for any future placements available.

It is an honour and always been my dream to be represented by organizations like Gijima. I have seen Gijima placing people I know since college at best places.

My future will surely be a stable one with you representation intact.

Looking forward to working with you.

Exciting opportunity


Hi Debbie,

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule interviewing me this morning.

I truly enjoyed learning more about this opportunity, and growth prospects within the Content & Instructional Designer fraternity.

After our conversation I noted how ready and available you are to help in the near future, not only from the COE, but the personal point of view as well.

I appreciate your level of knowledge on HR matters, and your deep sense of professionalism in the entire recruitment value chain.

This is an exciting opportunity and would like to grab it. Please do not hesitate to email or call me if you have any questions or need any additional information.

Many thanks


Feeling Proud !


Hi Michelle,

I trust that all is well,

Kindly note that this is the best company that i have ever worked for and it's all thanks to you. Please continue to be a blessing to others as you have been to me.

Enjoy the rest of the day


2nd Level Support Senior Engineer

Another well-deserved compliment.


Below is an example of how Janine manages not only her contractors, but every candidate and client she makes contact with. Whether she makes a placement or not, her sole aim is to make a difference in the lives of each individual she connects with.

Hi Janine

How are you doing? I just want to let you know that I miss our regular meetings and encouragements you provided whilst I was at Sanlam. Working with you made my project much more enjoyable and not just another drab project. Please keep up the excellent work and I wish you everything of the very best in your career and your family like.

Take care and be safe.

Kind Regards

Chantal keep on Rocking!


Hi Chantal,

From inception, Chantal has been professional while maintaining a level of friendliness. She is the first agent who took the time to ask me what I wanted from the role and actually listened to the response. This is a rare quality. It was really easy to speak to her and get the message across.

A candidate wants to know what is happening every step of the process, when Chantal promises to enquire and revert with feedback she follows up timeously.

The interaction with Chantal has led to a placement. I have been liaising with various agents who are considered the " big names" in recruitment however this did not lead to any place or an interview in a suitable role. Chantal's competency and friendly nature places her well above these "big names".

Chantal goes the extra mile in that she placed a courtesy call the day before I started and also asked me how my first few days in the new role was going. This is a quality that no other agent has displayed.

I have recommended Chantal to various friends and will continue to recommend her as she posses a very rare skill. She listens to the candidate, placing the candidate's needs well above anything else and accurately aligns a candidate's skill to a particular role.


Recommendation Sept 2015


Dear Chantal and Gijima

This letter is my personal recommendation for Chantal.

I have met Chantal only two months back. During this time, I found her to be diligent in following through on commitments and am relentless in pursuing opportunities or candidates on behalf of those she represents.

Besides being a reliable source of information and an extraordinary ambassador for both the company trying to recruit talent or the individual looking for a new opportunity, the most important quality that Chantal displays is Integrity. Chantal provided me with an incredible service that is second to none. She, with Gijima Recruitment is one of a kind. For a reliable, considerate service, with recruiters who genuinely care about your application, I would look no further than Gijima Recruitment.

I would just like to say thank you, on a more personal note, for all your help. I have dealt with a few agents over the last couple of months, and I have to say, Chantal, you are the best and most helpful by far. Should there be anyone looking for a new role, I will definitely pass them in your direction.

Logistics Specialist

Gauteng Commendation July 2015


Hi Chantal

Trust you are well.

I have signed the offer :-)

Again, it has been an absolute pleasure liaising with you. It was professional and efficient. THANK YOU. I will definitely recommend you to friends should they be in the market.

Credit Analyst

Cape Town you make us proud!


Hi Chantal

Trust you are well.

Compliments to you all for your efficiencies and business practice

You run a very smooth operation

Kind Regards

Let Gijima help you !


I never got to tell you but thank you for every conversation we had towards the Interview : 1. You made me stay positive. 2. Made sure I was ok. 3. Helped me, made sure I was prepared. 4. You had my back and this is why I actually even went through to Gijima and went through the whole process. You helped me have a different view of the situation etc and you made me challenge myself. I dont know if you get this much but you have energies and you are good to people :)

January 2015


Surika clearly demonstrated her capability to provide an excellent service and support. Her communication skills, attention to detail and organizing skills created a positive impression. She will in future be my "go to" person within her employer organisation.

Thank You - November 2014


Hello there,

Just wanted to say Thank You for the belief in that I was and am the right candidate for this position. I am looking forward to working and being part of the family. I know that normally this stage is where you would disappear but I am hoping I would still get the odd call here and there. In short, don’t be a stranger.

He has added much value to the company and is a valuable asset to the company.

Thank You again.

New Business Executive

Recommendation 2 - October 2014


To Whom It May Concern,

Clinton is a very dedicated individual who was professional in my recruitment process.
He kept in contact with me and informed me from time to time on the progress on my interviews.

He has added much value to the company and is a valuable asset to the company.

Recommendation - October 2014


Hi Chantal,

I just want to Thank you once again for the excellent service that you have provided me throughout the recruitment process.
It was an absolute pleasure dealing with an individual that is so passionate about the organisation you represent. Your constant communication and feedback always put my mind at ease and ensured that I was kept informed every step of the way.

I will highly recommend your professional service to anyone and can assure you that I will be sending a few more candidates your way.

You are a true asset !

Thanks again

HCM Service - Chantal


Hi Chantal,

I would really like to applaud the service that you have provided me thus far.
Quite rare to find a Recruiter that can sell their business to the level that you were able to.
The people skill that you have displayed through this process has been exceptional.

I am accepting this offer with much excitement and promise to make your client very proud of you.

Much appreciated, and once again thank you.

WC Candidate Placement - August 2014


Dear Janine and Ethan,
Wow! Thank you so much for this opportunity, I am very happy to join the company and ready to spread my wings.
I am accepting this offer with much excitement and promise to make your client very proud of you.
I am looking forward to be part of the clients team!!!

Kind Regards

Candidate Compliment – August 2014


Hi Wendy Please take this email as confirmation of acceptance of the requested date and time to meet with the client. I am impressed with the thoroughness with which you prepare your candidates. It is refreshing. I will ensure that your efforts translate into a positive outcome - an offer.

Client Reference – July 2014


Both Thea & Clinton have displayed a desire to understand our business, pain points & business strategy. Thea have been very responsive to our recruitment needs.
I have been able to call them and obtain market & industry trends & bench marks at a drop of a hat. Always professional in their written & verbal conduct. They are persuasive & know their candidates that they submit to us. They were able to furnish us with varied skills, ethnic groups & gender. It has always been an open relationship & I could share matters of confidence with them.

It has been a great pleasure to work with both Thea & Clinton.
Thank you for your continued support & delivery!

Unix Engineer


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Gijima HCM for a job professionally done, from the first call I got from the recruitment agent to the point of signing the contract.
The agent was professional, kept me in the loop through the whole recruitment process eliminating all communication grey areas.